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Sleepy Baby

Hey There

I'm a postpartum doula with Statesville Doula & Lactation and I'm so happy you've found this page. I am a fierce advocate for the postpartum period and will do everything I can to make sure you're supported during one of the most intimate and life changing experiences of your life. Thank you for trusting me.


All About Heather

Heather is a California native who moved to North Carolina in 2021, along with her husband and 2 cats. The oldest of three girls and 7 cousins, Heather loved helping to care for the younger ones in her family. She has always been a nurturer by nature. This motivated her to start working in middle school as a babysitter, which eventually turned into nannying for several families throughout high school & college.


While working towards her college degree, Heather was hired at her local hospital in the postpartum nursery. There, she spent 5 years as the newborn hearing technician, and assisting the postpartum staff with feeding, changing and bathing newborn infants. Heather completed her BA in Psychology with an emphasis on childhood development.


During a transformative retreat in Peru, it became clear to Heather that her calling in life was to be of service to women during their pregnancy, labor and postpartum period. She completed her training in 2017 through DONA initially, but has since expanded her training to include higher levels of care. She believes in judgement-free, evidence-based individualized care for all of her clients.


As a postpartum doula, it’s her goal to create a sacred space for postpartum mothers to heal, bond with their baby, reflect on their birth experience and assist women as they step into their new role as a Mother. In addition to newborn care, she offers sibling assistance, light housework, light meal and snack preparation, pet care.

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