What to Pack for the Hospital | A Checklist from a Doula's Perspective.

You're almost ready to meet your baby. Your due date is just around the corner. The crib is set up, clothes washed and put away, just awaiting the imminent arrival of their new owner. You have the breast pump set up, bottles washed, diapers put away, and the sweet teddy bear is just resting in the crib. You're ready. Now is the time to prepare your bag for the hospital.

What's necessary to bring and what's simply good to have? Those birth affirmations may come in handy and I will forever recommend bringing extra pillows and blankets for your partner.

Birth Affirmation
My baby knows how and when to be born.

I hope this checklist is as helpful for you as it is for my birth clients! Let me know if I forgot to add anything in the comments, below! What could you not have lived without during your labor and birth? What did you bring that you ended up not needing? Let's hear!

Without further ado, here is the checklist I give all my birth clients in preparation for their big day!