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Caring, Compassionate, & Professional Support

Doula support in and around Charlotte, Cornelius, Huntersville, Davidson, Mooresville, Statesville, Hickory, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina (and everywhere in between).

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Hi, ​I'm Staci with Statesville Doula & Lactation and I am so happy you're here. I understand that pregnancy comes with many different emotions; excitement, fear, happiness, joy, nervousness, etc. I am here to help you and your partner navigate those feelings, organize your thoughts, prepare for the birth you and your partner have been dreaming of, and more.  I always say "Your partner knows you intimately and provides love and reassurance, while I know birth intimately and provide education and information. Together, we make a great team in supporting you."

Please have a look around and if you have any questions, I invite you to message or email me. I look forward to supporting you through your journey to parenthood, whether it be your first or your fifth baby <3 

Congratulations to you and your growing family,


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Statesville Doula & Lactation Provides:

Evidence Based Care
and Information

Unbiased Support For
All Pregnant and
Birthing People
Knowledge & Skills
Birth and Postpartum

Recent Blog Posts
Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum thoughts from a birth and postpartum doula! 

What Clients Say:

"Staci is amazing! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for a doula! She helped deliver our rainbow baby in March and I plan on using her for all of our future babies! She was incredibly helpful while I was deciding what package I wanted, once I picked our prenatal appointments were super informative! She had answers to questions we didn’t even know we needed answered! I knew I wanted a Doula’s support, but I had no idea how truly amazing and helpful she would be during labor and delivery! She also offers placenta encapsulation, which helped with my healing and PPD. I would recommend her ten times over!"
- Olivia
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