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What is a postpartum doula and why should you hire me?

A postpartum doula provides families with information and unbiased support relating to infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from childbirth, infant soothing, coping skills for new parents, and so much more. A postpartum doula will also help with light housework (laundry, dishes, vacuuming, pet care), meal preparation, assistance with incorporating an older child into this new experience, and tending to the older sibling(s) while parents focus on their new baby. The postpartum doula will also tend to the newborn so parents can shower, eat, sleep, and spend time with the older sibling. 

As your postpartum doula, I can be the first line of care you receive after bringing baby home. I will be able to assist with feeding questions, latch issues, poop concerns and postpartum healing. It is common for the new parent to not see another professional until their six week postpartum follow-up, so having a postpartum doula in your home before then, can help tremendously. If you have questions from blood loss to sleep, I will be able to assist and guide you with that. I can also refer you to other qualified professionals for concerns beyond my scope of practice and knowledge. One of the most important things a new parent forgets, is that self care is vital to healing. Food preparation so you don't have to cook and reminders to drink, shower or go for a walk while I tend to baby can be not only freeing, but healing and necessary. 

Simply put, you deserve to be cared for in your postpartum. I want to help!

Postpartum Doula Support

Consists Of:

  • Feeding support, both breast/chest and bottle,

  • Proper sanitization of breast pump parts and accessories,

  • Talking with and supporting you in your present experience,

  • Meal and food prep for the day/week,

  • Grocery shopping, if desired,

  • Meeting the needs of baby,

  • Helping with the organization of baby's nursery,

  • Tending to household duties and baby so you can get the sleep you need,

  • Doing laundry, washing dishes,

  • Tending to any pets - feeding, walking, bathing,

  • Helping you to decompress,

  • Listening. Sometimes you may want to just talk to someone. I can be that ear for you,

  • Tending to any older siblings OR tending to baby so you can spend time with the older siblings,

  • Almost anything you need help with that will asisst you in the healing and recovery of your postpartum period.

  • referring out to other professionals when what you need is out of scope for me. I have a significant resource list to help.


I require a minimum of 3 hours per shift/day and a minimum of 8 hours per shift/night. Hours are subject to availability and schedules can be flexible.

 21 Hour Package

Daytime - $714

 81 Hour Package

Daytime - $2592

42 Hour Package

Daytime - $1386

 105 Hour Package

Daytime - $3255

Postpartum Doula Support, A-La-Carte- $35/HR*


**Please Note**

Any hours desired, less than listed in the package, will be $35/hr. Any additional hours beyond the initial package will be charged at $35/hour, unless you want to purchase another package. Postpartum Support is available for the first three months. Any additional time beyond the "Fourth Trimester" is subject to Staci's availability.

These packages are great for you if you feel you may need additional support after baby arrives. These package are for postpartum support, ONLY. You do not have to have been a birth client to access these packages. A minimum of three hours per shift, required.

These packages includes:

  • Postpartum support unique to your desires and needs.

  • Non-judgmental support in the weeks following birth.

  • Assistance with newborn care, family adjustment, meal preparation and light household tidying.

  • Overnight support also available upon request. If unavailable, I will refer out.

Areas We Serve:

All cities in North Carolina within a 65-mile radius of Statesville. If you live out of the service area, contact us for pricing. We want everyone to have access to our quality services.


Locations We Serve:

Homebirth | Natural Beginnings Birth and Wellness Center | Davis Regional Medical Center |  Lake Norman Regional Medical Center | All Novant Hospitals |  Frye Regional Medical Center | Wake Forest Baptist |  All Atrium Hospitals | Magnolia Birth Center | Forsyth Medical Center | Catawba Valley Medical Center | CaroMont and more...

We Specialize In:

Medicated Childbirth | Unmedicated Childbirth | Epidurals | Natural Birth | Emergency Cesarean Birth | Planned Cesarean Birth | VBAC | Hospital Birth | Birth Center Birth | Water Birth | Home Birth | OB/GYN | Midwives | Breastfeeding | Bottle-Feeding | Pre-Eclampsia | Induction | Overnight Care | Babywearing | Advanced Maternal Age | Addiction Recovery | Fertility/Infertility | IVF | High Risk Pregnancy | Multiples | Anxiety Disorders | PTSD | Single Parents | Solo Parents | Surrogacy | Adoption | LGBTQI+ | Diverse Families | Bereavement | Cloth Diapering | Placenta Encapsulation | Postpartum Support | Postpartum Depression

The Statesville Doula LLC, provides a full spectrum of doula support and is committed to providing superior support to all families regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, age, family structure, physical abilities, or religious and cultural beliefs.
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