Caring, Compassionate, & Professional Support

Hi, ​I'm Staci, the Statesville Doula, and I am so happy you're here. I understand that pregnancy comes with many different emotions; excitement, fear, happiness, joy, nervousness, etc. I am here to help you and your partner navigate through those feelings, organize your thoughts, prepare for the birth you and your partner have been dreaming of, and more.  I always say "Your partner knows you intimately and provides love and reassurance, while I know birth intimately and provide education and information. Together, we make a great team in supporting you."

Please have a look around and if you have any questions, I invite you to message or email me. I look forward to supporting you through your journey to parenthood, whether it be your first or your fifth baby <3 

Congratulations to you and your growing family 


Professional, Respectful and Safe

You can feel confident knowing that I will be there for you from the moment we become a team. You will never be without doula support, when needed, and can count on me to be professional, respectful and knowledgeable when answering any questions you may have. 

Exclusive to your Beliefs

No matter your religion, philosophies, or beliefs surrounding birth, you can count on me to be there to support you. I will provide you with the knowledge of options pertaining to your birth preferences (and more), which will allow you to provide informed consent and refusal when in your birthing space. This is in regard to birthing location, interventions (pain management, assisted delivery, cesarean section), feeding, and routine after care for you, your family, and your new baby. There is no "one way" to give birth and I will be there to support you no matter your choices.

Family Centered Support

As your doula, I will work with you, your support person, your family, and your medical team to create your ideal birthing experience. I am not there to replace your support person, rather, I will be there to work with them, guide them, and educate them on ways they can help to support you. Your birth partner knows you intimately and I know birth, together creating a full on approach of support!

Areas We Serve:

All cities in North Carolina within a 60-mile radius of Statesville. If you live out of the service area, contact us for pricing. We want everyone to have access to our quality services.


Locations We Serve:

Homebirth | Natural Beginnings Birth and Wellness Center | Davis Regional Medical Center |  Lake Norman Regional Medical Center | All Novant Hospitals |  Frye Regional Medical Center | Wake Forest Baptist |  All Atrium Hospitals | Magnolia Birth Center | Forsyth Medical Center | Catawba Valley Medical Center | CaroMont and more...

We Specialize In:

Medicated Childbirth | Unmedicated Childbirth | Epidurals | Natural Birth | Emergency Cesarean Birth | Planned Cesarean Birth | VBAC | Hospital Birth | Birth Center Birth | Water Birth | Home Birth | OB/GYN | Midwives | Breastfeeding | Bottle-Feeding | Pre-Eclampsia | Induction | Overnight Care | Babywearing | Advanced Maternal Age | Addiction Recovery | Fertility/Infertility | IVF | High Risk Pregnancy | Multiples | Anxiety Disorders | PTSD | Single Parents | Solo Parents | Surrogacy | Adoption | LGBTQI+ | Diverse Families | Bereavement | Cloth Diapering | Placenta Encapsulation | Postpartum Support | Postpartum Depression

The Statesville Doula LLC, provides a full spectrum of doula support and is committed to providing superior support to all families regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, age, family structure, physical abilities, or religious and cultural beliefs.
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