Decide to encapsulate your placenta? Here are 10 questions you should ask.

So, you've done the research. You see and understand the value of consuming your placenta, and you decide to encapsulate. You write down a list of placenta preparation professionals in your area and begin reaching out to them for information. But what should you ask? After all, your placenta is as precious to you as your new baby. You want it in the hands of someone who is experienced and professional.

Here are the top 10 questions to ask your prospective placenta professional:

1) What type of placenta encapsulation training do you have?

You want to make sure that the placenta professional you choose has had the proper training to correctly and safely process your placenta. This could be through a training organization in person or online, or through independent studies. They should be fully trained AND certified on blood borne pathogens and food safety standards. The certificates should be available upon request from you. Continuing education is also very important to ask about.

2) What equipment (dehydrator, grinder, etc) do you use for encapsulating placentas?

The correct answer should be a food grade dehydrator that reaches a max temp of 160 degrees. This is to eliminate any bad bacteria your placenta may have in it. After all, this is a raw organ they are preparing. The grinder should be one that completely comes apart, with no small pieces. We want to be sure we can properly sanitize. Good brands are the Baby Bullet, Magic Bullet and Nutri Bullet. Coffee grinders and blenders cannot always be sanitized properly, so it is best to avoid those. A mortar and pestle is another safe option.