Morning Sickness...Don't Let It Get You Down.

Morning sickness. It sucks. It wears you down. You feel like you should be grateful because it means you have a healthy and viable pregnancy. It is just a part of pregnancy, so you just cope. Well I am here to tell you that you don't have to. Awesome, right?

Morning sickness usually strikes around 6 weeks and hits it's peak around 10 weeks, until tapering off around 12-14 weeks. It can also hit ANY time of the day and last the entire duration of pregnancy.  I don't want you struggling like I did for the first half of two of my pregnancies, so...

I am about to share 10 super healthy food recipes to help nourish you AND fight morning sickness!

But first, here are 3 ways to eat to lessen the symptoms:

1. Eat small portions, more frequently. Eating small, frequent, meals rich in proteins and healthy fats throughout the day can help stabilize blood sugar and prevent morning sickness by keeping nausea and dizziness at bay.

2. Avoid hard to digest fatty, spicy or fried foods. This can trigger an upset stomach. Mix an upset stomach with morning sickness, you have a cocktail for some unpleasant times.

3. Eat nutrient dense food. When you eat nutrient dense foods, you get the most 'bang for your buck' and this is what you what when you experience morning sickness. This allows you to eat less while still getting the important nutrients.

Some of the best foods to help with morning sickness are Ginger, Lemon, Fruit, Crackers, Popsicles, Foods Rich In Vitamin B6, Bone Broth, High Protein Foods, and more...