Preparing Your Mind & Body for Birth; Top 10 Recommendations From A Doula

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

As new parents, we spend so much time preparing for baby by purchasing the newest and greatest baby item, the cutest crib sheets and curtains for the nursery, the best bottle system or breast pump, and so much more. This is all great and certainly makes the pregnancy journey enjoyable, exciting and fulfilling, but it does not always translate into preparing your mind and body for the last few weeks of pregnancy, your birth, and your postpartum. As much as we prepare for baby, we need to prepare for birth. It is a grand workout, an absolutely life changing experience, and one that is necessary to prepare for. You would not hike Mt. Everest without mentally, emotionally, and physically training/preparing, so why would you go into your birth without preparing?

I am so excited to talk with you about a some things that I think are important for preparation, as a doula who regularly sees clients in and outside of the home, and as a mom who has had three births of my own.