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Dance, Sing, Laugh, Learn; Kindermusik with Gina Is A Must!

As someone with multiple children and as someone who is a birth and postpartum doula, I often get asked:

"What is there to do with my kids? We've been here and there and everywhere, and I need new ideas!"

Well let me let you in on a little secret. Kindermusik with Gina is a FANTASTIC idea. Here's why (Link to Kindermusik Blog on the top 10 reasons to love Kindermusik):

  • Kindermusik gives your child that unique head start you’ve been looking for – musically, cognitively, and academically.

  • Kindermusik inspires a love of music from an early age with songs, instruments, and activities that are just right for each age and every stage.

  • Kindermusik enhances every area of your child’s development – we are so much more than just music!

  • Kindermusik gives you the time and the tools to enjoy quality time with your child – in class and at home.

  • Kindermusik Home Materials let you take the music, fun, and learning with you all week long, wherever you go.

  • Kindermusik classes provide a happy social outlet for your child and a valuable support network for you.

  • All Kindermusik activities are research-proven and giggle-approved, and all are supported by a developmental and musical focus.

  • Kindermusik lays a strong foundation for future success in school and in formal music lessons later on.

  • Kindermusik is something you and your child will use every day – at home or on the go!

  • Kindermusik offers a comprehensive program with the potential for positively impacting your child from newborn all the way to 7 years of age.

Read more, here.

I just had the pleasure of attending a preview class with a beautiful group of two year olds and it was incredible.

"Gina Terry has a way of exciting the kiddos while teaching, engaging, and playing with each and every one in their own unique ways."

She starts the class by singing a welcome song to each child, she gets them moving and dancing, uses sign language, and they get to play with a whole array of toys, musical instruments, and more! What's even better, is this is all done WITH the parent! We work together to learn, dance, and play! So. Much. Fun!!

Here are some pictures of me and my son at the preview class we had today:


My son at Kindermusik with Gina

He was supposed to be stirring up a delicious pretend soup with tons of healthy vegetables, but chose to take a seat in this super cool rocker. Guess what? It was totally okay! We mixed the soup with him in it! ​


So, who is Gina? Well, I was able to ask her a few questions to get to know her and Kindermusik a bit better. Read on to learn more:

Gina Terry Kindermusik with Gina

Gina holds BA degrees in Music Education and Theatre Arts. She holds an MA Degree in Education including certificates in Supervision, Administration, and Gifted/Talented Education Gina has been a Licensed Kindermusik Educator since 2004. She has also been recognized by Kindermusik International on numerous occasions for Maestro in Education, Top Program, and Outreach.

Gina has been married to Chris Terry for 32 years. Chris is a pilot for Kevin and Delana Harvick of NASCAR. Gina and Chris have two sons: Chandler is 20 and attends UNC Charlotte where he is active in ROTC and studies Engineering and Fire Safety. Cameron is 17 in and is a rising Senior at the North Carolina School of Science and Math in Durham. They have a dog, Sugar, and two cats, Maggie and Tucker. Her hobbies are cooking, practicing yoga, family outings, and playing “words with friends.” Her teaching philosophy is that PARENTS are a child’s first and most important teacher.

Please tell us a little about yourself, your hobbies, interests, etc.

"I come from a family of musicians and educators, with a dash of business savvy. My parents played instruments, and both were education majors. My grandparents did everything from orchestral performances and instrument sales to container engineering (known then as the first paper bags). My sisters and I loved to put on "shows" and we still sing together any chance we get. Throughout my years teaching/administrating/consulting in public education, I fell in love with all of my students, and always tried to find a way to be the best mother and wife I could be while pursuing my career. First I became a Kindermusik MOM and have enjoyed the many ways the program has enriched the lives of my own children; they both love making music! That led me to becoming a Kindermusik Educator in 2004. Since then, I have enjoyed the many ways Kindermusik has nurtured my career as a lifelong learner and teacher, supported me as part of an international family of educators, and facilitated ways to reach out to my community through programming enhancements, charitable projects, and the establishment of Kindermusik at FPC Preschool."

Please describe your business to us.

"Kindermusik is a powerful teaching tool. We provide research-based materials, methods, and training to create daily learning experiences through singing, instrument play, and joyful movement. Classes are designed for children ages 0-4 and their parent/caregiver to attend weekly."

Where are you located?

"We are inside the First Presbyterian Church in the Old Historic District of downtown Statesville, NC."

What is a philosophy you run your business by?

"VISION: To be the most trusted brand of music-making experiences, providing joy and connection to people of all ages. MISSION: To spread the power and joy of music-making as a vital learning experience for young children and families."

How could children/parents/families benefit from your business?

"We create music experiences and research-based curricula that strengthen relationships, build community, and make learning playful and fun. Kindermusik classes are also highly recommended for babies/young children who may have special needs, such as delays in speech, muscle tone, vision, fine/gross motor skills, Down Syndrome, ASD, etc."

Is there anything else you would like to add?

"Kindermusik with Gina is a membership type enrollment which is on going. For answers to more questions, visit"


How to contact Gina:

So, if you need something to do with your kiddo, please consider Kindermusik with Gina! You really won't regret it.

Peace, Love, and Babies,

Staci, The Statesville Doula

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