Do you DoTERRA?

DoTERRA The Statesville Doula

It is 11 pm and I have just been called to a client's home because she thinks she is in labor! Yay! I always LOVE those phone calls. They mean that soon, a new baby will be welcomed into the world! How neat is that?! I grab my doula bag of goodies and head to her house. Can you guess what one (or several) of the things in my bag are? Yep...essential oils. Why?

Well, did you know clary sage essential oil can help regulate contractions, relax mom, and create a more balanced environment? Exactly what we need when welcoming a baby. Lavender essential oil is used for it's calming and relaxing properties and peppermint oil is used to help reduce nausea and to mask some smells the birthing person would rather not smell. They are a main necessity when it comes to supporting my doula clients. While I am no professional, I do only use the oils I am familiar with. They can be a bit tricky and potentially have serious side effects if used improperly. With that being said, a DoTERRA rep will be able to help you select the RIGHT ones for YOU!

This is why I am so excited to feature Lauren Phillips with you this week as part of my "collaboration, not competition" movement! She is extremely knowledgeable with her line of oils; DoTERRA! If you are interested in learning more, trying them out, or selling them, please contact her! She would LOVE to help and she is LOCAL!

I had the privilege of chatting with Lauren to get to know her better:

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